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Why Aalborg University?

In 1974 the very first students were welcomed at Aalborg University Centre (AUC). AUC was created in a close dialogue with the surrounding community, therefore it was only natural for the new University Centre to work together with others in the North Jutland region. For this purpose, special contact and cooperation committees with among others representatives of  the North Jutland cultural life, the trade unions and the business world were established.

The University Centre, which changed its name in 1994 to Aalborg University (AAU), still maintains the dialogue with the surrouding community as a prime focus, which gradually has got a national as well as an international dimension. This focus, including the internationalization, is a special characteristic of AAU in line with the well-reputed method of teaching, i.e. project work in groups - also called the Aalborg model.

The Aalborg model provides a study that gives you new and exciting knowledge, and at the same time you will get to know many people. You will be in a study environment with close contact to your fellow students both professionally and socially.

Facts about science and engineering at Aalborg University, e.g. work statistics.

More detailed information on the "Aalborg model", which is the pedagogic model used at Aalborg University.

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