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Project examples

As described in the section on the Aalborg model, the students at Aalborg University work on their projects extending over one semester. In parallel they attend lectures. The students work in small groups on the projects, which provides an inspiring work climate. Through co-operation and division of work it is possible for the students to work with larger and more interesting problems than possible for one person.

To the right you can find links to examples of these projects, which are all made by engineering students  specializing on Indoor Environmental Engineering.

One-year master thesis where two students in  cooperation with Region North Jutland and Ramboll Denmark, examined a variety of factors involved in  orthopaedic surgery.

An 8th semester project on passive solar energy, daylight and natural ventilation in "Kvarterhuset", a community centre in Kolding.

On the basis of field measurements, a group of students came up with possible ventilation solutions for a school in Kolding.

A group of students analysed the work environment at "Danprint" and recommended a solution, which has today been implemented at the factory.

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