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Career prospects


With a specialization on Indoor Environmental Engineering, a number of different career options
are open to you:


·       Consulting engineer, where you team up with architects and other engineers to advise builders on the design of dwellings, offices, production premises and other places of work.


·       Management job, where you work as an engineer in sales or development to develop new systems and components for ventilation systems and energy and environmental systems, e.g. using solar energy or another renewable source of energy.


·       Chief engineer in an engineering contractor firm, where you contribute to the creative process on the building site and ensure that all planned and designed systems are constructed in the best possible way.


·       Researcher at a university or in a major production firm, where you can make a contribution to future optimal building structures.


·       Engineer within the heating, water and sanitation (HWS) business specializing on energy and indoor environmental ventilation.


Take up the challenges – the choice is  yours!

Claus Topp graduated as an indoor environmental engineer in 1995 at AAU, where he also obtained his PhD degree in 1999. Today, he is a consulting specialist at Birch & Krogboe A/S.

Tine Steen Larsen graduated as an indoor environmental engineer in 2001 at AAU. In 2006 she obtained her PhD degree from the same university. Today she is an assistant professor at AAU doing research within indoor environmental engineering.

Henrik Ryberg graduated as an indoor environmental engineer in 1997 at AAU. Today he is a senior project leader at COWI A/S.

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