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Specializing on Indoor Environmental Engineering, you will get a wide range of career options.

Working with current subjects such as energy utilization, energy optimized buildings, renewable energy, computer simulation of energy and airflow in rooms, indoor climate in offices and homes,  heating systems, mechanical and natural ventilation, etc., you will have great influence on the environmental development in the future society.

For all types of buildings, you will be responsible for creating a good indoor environment, i.e. an indoor climate that considers the well-being and comfort of the individual. A good indoor environment creates the ideal setting for times of work and leisure.

You will be responsible for the energy consumption of the buildings, i.e. energy requirements, environmental requirements and resource requirements have been taken into consideration, including utilization of the various forms of renewable energy, daylight, solar cells, solar energy, natural ventilation, etc.

You will also be responsible for the choice of materials and for designing the outer surfaces of the building to obtain the least possible heat loss from roof, external walls and windows  and to ensure protection from wind and weather as sell as sufficient light and fresh air in the building.

Here, you can get more information on the indoor environment, the connection between energy and architecture, the cross-disciplinary competences of the education, and the tools you will have to control as an engineer specializing on INDOOR ENVIRONMENTAL ENGINEERING.

The study programme consists of four semesters. You can read about the semesters here.

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